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May/June 2019

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How to Be Successful
How to Be Successful

What is success, and how do we reach it? Here’s how applying purpose, preparation and perseverance can help us achieve the most important things in life. Listen

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​Navigating the Stumbling Blocks to Success
​Navigating the Stumbling Blocks to Success

Everyone wants to succeed, and life holds so many areas in which we try. But often we don’t understand the keys to success—or the core problems that get in the way! Listen

Christianity in Progress: How to Not Be a Stumbling Block
Christianity in Progress: How to Not Be a Stumbling Block

One of the most significant aspects of our Christian journey is the degree to which our actions impact those around us. What exactly does it mean to be a stumbling block, and how can we avoid being one? Listen

Did Jesus Teach All 10 Commandments? Part 1
Did Jesus Teach All 10 Commandments? Part 1

Some believe that Christians only need to obey a commandment if Jesus specifically reaffirmed it. If the commandments did stand or fall based on Jesus’ endorsement, would they all stand? Listen

By the Way
By the Way: That Time I Was an Astronaut

Several amusing cases of mistaken professions caused me to reflect on how appearances can be deceiving. Listen


Humility: The Surprising Key to Lasting Success
Life  Humility: The Surprising Key to Lasting Success

You can find dozens of business and self-help books giving keys to success, but most overlook this vital key that makes all the difference—humility. Listen

Searching for God, Part 2
God  Searching for God, Part 2

Part 1 of “Searching for God” focused on answering the questions, “Can we find God if He is hiding from us? Would He do that and, if so, why?” This time we look at the other side of the coin: Can God find us? Listen

The Power of Pentecost
Life  The Power of Pentecost

Jesus Christ uttered this reassuring promise just before His ascension: “You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you” (Acts 1:8). Its fulfillment on Pentecost continues to reverberate today! Listen

Famous Last Words (That Actually Matter)
Life  Famous Last Words (That Actually Matter)

What you choose to say at the end of your life isn’t the most important thing in the world. What God says about you is. Listen

How Is Secular Humanism Changing Our World?
Discern  How Is Secular Humanism Changing Our World?

To those who don’t believe in God, biblical morality seems arbitrary and restrictive. Secular humanism seeks to find human solutions, presenting a mixture of good intentions with an underlying approach that allows what the Bible defines as evil. Listen

What the World Needs Now Is Hope
Life  What the World Needs Now Is Hope

Even one person reaching the point of giving up all hope is too many. So it is alarming that we seem to be facing a hopelessness epidemic. Our loving Creator recognizes the problems and offers the solid solutions—and real hope! Listen

Self-Control and Overcoming Sin: Restraint vs. Constraint
God  Self-Control and Overcoming Sin: Restraint vs. Constraint

Resisting the constant influence of this Satan-inspired world as well as our own human weaknesses can make overcoming sin a daunting task. Are we approaching some aspects of this process the wrong way? Listen



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