Discern - May/June 2018

May/June 2018

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Do You Need a Rest?
Do You Need a Rest?

Hurried lives. Packed schedules. Limited sleep. Did God intend for us to live at such a frenzied pace? Listen

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Peace Games and War Preparations
Peace Games and War Preparations

With the 2018 “Peace Olympics” now history, will the Korean crisis return to a standoff of nuclear brinkmanship or shift to cheery notions of reunification and denuclearization? Will there be peace in our time on the Korean peninsula? Listen


The Sabbath Isn’t Optional
Bible  The Sabbath Isn’t Optional

A long time ago, God allowed a pagan nation to destroy His temple and His people. By learning why, we can come to a deeper understanding of what He expects from His people today. Listen

The Miracle and Meaning of Pentecost
Life  The Miracle and Meaning of Pentecost

Noisy and amazing things were happening in Jerusalem nearly 2,000 years ago. But a silent miracle turned out to be the most powerful of all—and it continues to happen to this day! Listen

What If I Can’t Speak in Tongues?
God  What If I Can’t Speak in Tongues?

Many believe that the ability to speak in tongues is the real evidence of having the Holy Spirit. Is this what the Bible actually teaches? Listen

Dealing With Compassion Fatigue
Life  Dealing With Compassion Fatigue

We care deeply, until we can’t care anymore. What can we do when we feel drained, numb or burned-out? How can we handle compassion fatigue? Listen

Helping Kids Deal With Tragic Events
Relationships  Helping Kids Deal With Tragic Events

After a tragedy, you might feel distraught and vulnerable—but your kids need your support and guidance. Here’s help for knowing what to say. Listen

Christ vs. Christianity: Did Jesus Cleanse All Meats?
Bible  Did Jesus Cleanse All Meats?

Some believe Jesus’ comments in Mark 7 overturned God’s laws about clean and unclean meats. But does this idea stand up under scrutiny of the context? Listen



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