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Discern - May/June 2016

May/June 2016

Cover Feature

Finding Answers to the Questions That Matter
Finding Answers to the Questions That Matter

When you need answers, where do you turn? Search engines like Google can’t tell you everything you need to know about the questions that matter—but God can.

7 Things to Know Before Reading the Bible
7 Things to Know Before Reading the Bible

The Bible’s many books, characters and pages can be daunting! Here are some basic Bible facts to know before reading the Bible—the world’s most important book.

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A New Battle of Britain
A New Battle of Britain

As the United Kingdom votes to decide whether to stay in the European Union, the outcome may have profound consequences for the U.K. and all of Europe.


Consider This: Four Big Questions
Consider This: Four Big Questions

Articles in this issue can give you a good start in answering these simple but profoundly important questions.

The Problem With “Just as I Am” Christianity
The Problem With “Just as I Am” Christianity

A famous hymn has become shorthand for a type of easy, feel-good religion. But what does the Bible really teach about what it takes to be a Christian?

By the Way: The Refugees Will Go Home
By the Way: The Refugees Will Go Home

Millions are being displaced, and millions more are affected by today’s burgeoning refugee crises. When will the outcasts be able to go home in peace?


Learning From the First Christians
Life  Learning From the First Christians

For many professing Christians today, religion is just a few-hours-a-week thing. Many are passive, even apathetic. But from the beginning it was not so.

The Holy Spirit: The Question Is Who or What?
God  The Holy Spirit: The Question Is Who or What?

The nature of the Holy Spirit is a mystery to many Christians, but still most consider it a litmus test for orthodoxy. What does the Bible really say?

Does God Exist? Proof 4: Fulfilled Prophecy
God  Does God Exist? Proof 4: Fulfilled Prophecy

While a great many biblical prophecies point to a future time, a number have already come to pass. Fulfilled prophecy is another proof that God exists.

10 Ways to Protect Your Children From Technology Traps
Relationships  10 Ways to Protect Your Children From Technology Traps

Technology isn’t necessarily bad, but excessive screen time can produce a host of digital dangers. How can you guide your children toward safe and wise choices?



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