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Discern - March/April 2014

March/April 2014

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Why Jesus Had to Die
Why Jesus Had to Die

Why did the only being who has ever lived a perfect human life have to experience such a horrible death? An often-overlooked festival of God helps us understand the deep significance of Christ’s crucifixion for our lives.

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Saved by His Life
Life  Saved by His Life

Jesus Christ gave His life for us. How should we respond? The answer can be found in the meaning of the second biblical festival of the year.

Seven Last Sayings of Jesus
God  Seven Last Sayings of Jesus

All of Christ’s teachings were powerful words of life. But His seven last sayings as He died for us are worthy of intense consideration. They should change our lives.

Hidden Treasure
Change  Hidden Treasure

Money may not buy happiness, but we’d all like to find hidden treasure! Yet are we looking in the right place? How do we discover what’s truly valuable in life?

Apocalypse in the Bible
Prophecy  Apocalypse in the Bible

Why do most people associate the word “apocalypse” with end-of-the-world events? What does apocalypse really mean in relation to biblical prophecy?

Leaving a Legacy for Your Grandchildren
Relationships  Leaving a Legacy for Your Grandchildren

What is the best inheritance grandparents can bestow on their grandchildren? It’s something that takes some planning and work, but leaves a tremendous legacy grandchildren will cherish.



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