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Discern - March/April 2015

March/April 2015

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Are Good Morals Good Enough?
Are Good Morals Good Enough?

What kind of person does immoral things with impunity? Then again, who decides what is immoral? Is there a way to know with certainty what is right and wrong?

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All Roads Lead to Berlin
All Roads Lead to Berlin

The specter of unfettered German power is once again haunting Europe as Berlin has become the pivot point for a continent in financial flux. Where is Germany’s path destined to end?


Consider This: Looking Into This Jesus Christ Business
Consider This: Looking Into This Jesus Christ Business

The truth inevitably brings us to a fork in the river where we’re forced to choose.

What Christianity Gets Wrong About Hell
What Christianity Gets Wrong About Hell

Many churches teach that the fate of evil people is an eternity of torment in hell. But Jesus contradicted that belief in 29 words. What is hell in the Bible?

Suddenly ...
Suddenly ...

After many unheeded warning signs, a beautiful city was unexpectedly and completely destroyed in a few seconds. Should this teach us anything about the future?


The Time Is Fulfilled: 4 Proofs Jesus Was Messiah
Prophecy  The Time Is Fulfilled: 4 Proofs Jesus Was Messiah

As Jesus came preaching the gospel of the Kingdom of God, He said that “the time is fulfilled” (Mark 1:15). To what time was Jesus referring?

Is the Bible True? Proof 2: Dead Sea Scrolls
Bible  Is the Bible True? Proof 2: Dead Sea Scrolls

The Dead Sea Scrolls tell a remarkable story and provide evidence that the Bible is true. What do you need to know about these amazing documents?

Hope for the Hopeless
Life  Hope for the Hopeless

Hopelessness grips far too many people. What is the solution? What will break the shackles and open the way to a better life and hope for the hopeless?

Pay It Forward
Change  Pay It Forward

Popular catchphrases can be shallow and trite. But the concept of “paying it forward” actually has an amazing history and a powerful potential to do good.

Happiness Is…
Change  Happiness Is…

Happiness is precious—and far too rare. We have tried every trick in an effort to conjure it up, but it remains elusive. How does our Creator say to pursue it?



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