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Discern - January/February 2015

January/February 2015

Cover Feature

The State of the World 2015
The State of the World 2015

It seems the world is falling apart before our eyes. But examining world trends—and how they may affect us—in the light of prophecy reveals a glimmer of hope.

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The New Face of Terrorism
The New Face of Terrorism

Barbaric terrorist groups and lone wolf terrorists now make headlines the world over. But is this new face of terrorism actually new—or eerily familiar?


Consider This: Wanting That New Car Smell
Consider This: Wanting That New Car Smell

Of all the perils the world faces, perhaps the greatest is the dearth of leaders who have the ability, knowledge and power to do anything about them!

Do You Pray the Way Jesus Taught?
Do You Pray the Way Jesus Taught?

People pray many different ways across the various denominations of Christianity. How do you pray? How did Jesus pray? What did Jesus say about prayer?

By the Way: I Didn’t Know…
By the Way: I Didn’t Know…

In a world of discontentment, a change in perspective can open our eyes to our blessings. Thankfulness can help us realize how happy we are.


Messiah’s Message: The Gospel of the Kingdom
Prophecy  Messiah’s Message: The Gospel of the Kingdom

What was Jesus Christ’s message, and what were His main themes? This article begins a five-part series of articles to answer these questions.

Is the Bible True? Archaeology
Bible  Is the Bible True? Archaeology

The Bible claims to answer the big questions of life. How can we know it is accurate? Starting with this issue, we examine five proofs of the truth of the Bible.

Was Christianity Designed to Evolve?
Change  Was Christianity Designed to Evolve?

Modern Christianity has changed throughout the centuries and continues to adapt today. But did Jesus Christ intend the religion He founded to evolve?

Speak the Truth in Love
Relationships  Speak the Truth in Love

What we say and why has a huge impact. Can telling the truth have bad results? Is it okay to lie for a good reason? Here’s why we must speak the truth in love.

What Is the Will of God for Me?
God  What Is God’s Will for Me?

Wouldn’t it be great to know exactly how God wants us to serve? God’s will doesn’t have to be a mystery. Here’s how to discern God’s will.



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