Roy Demarest

Roy Demarest

Roy and Pauline Demarest have been married for more than 50 years and have three sons and six grandchildren. Roy served as pastor of the Orlando, Florida, congregation of the Church of God, a Worldwide Association, until his retirement in 2020.

He is originally from New Jersey and served as a church pastor in Indiana, Missouri, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Florida for 33 years.

He served as a district and regional coordinator for the Church’s youth program and a counselor at its summer camps. In addition, he served as coordinator for the Church’s annual convention for seven years.

Roy enjoys reviewing and editing Church publications and writing occasionally for the Life, Hope & Truth website. His favorite and most fulfilling activity, though, has been visiting with and counseling members of his congregations during his time as a church pastor.

He fell in love with the game of golf when he was 10 years old and planned to be a local golf club professional before his calling to the ministry. Besides golf, he enjoys do-it-yourself projects in his home, especially along the lines of remodeling. He has enjoyed playing all sports, including baseball, basketball, swimming and diving.

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