Kevin Epps

Kevin Epps

Kevin Epps lives in Somerset, New Jersey, with his wife, Belinda. He enjoys his current opportunity to pastor three congregations of the Church of God, a Worldwide Association—Central New Jersey; Queens, New York; and Quakertown, Pennsylvania. He’s been in the ministry for more than 20 years, serving several congregations on the U.S. east coast and in Texas.

Kevin also writes and reviews articles for several publications for the Church, including on During most of his years in the ministry, he has served on doctrinal teams that developed study papers, articles and booklets. This entails a great deal of Bible study, research, analysis, review and discussion, which he often finds to be rewarding. Additionally, for several years he’s served as a site coordinator for the Feast of Tabernacles.

He also enjoys spending quality time with family and friends, fellowshipping with the brethren, sports and exercise.

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