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Why Do Governments Fail Us?

Have you have ever watched as our modern governments struggle with basic problems like the health, security and welfare of their citizens? You soon realize that there is no government in our world that effectively governs. Why is that? What would it take to govern with fairness, equity and justice? Who is really qualified to lead us?

Many forms of structured rulership have been tried over time. A review of the political forms of state shows over 20 unique types, not to mention all the possible permutations and combinations. It seems as though we have experimented and tinkered with every possible form, but have we? Have we ever at any time given ourselves over to a ruler or organization that is perfect? Is human government doomed to repeat past mistakes because “we the people” are flawed?

It is estimated that the United States has enacted over 40,000 laws! That is an amazing amount of legal verbiage to govern a people. I doubt if one person could read all of it in their lifetime. Is this what is choking our culture? Is this why we struggle to do even the most basic government function like balance our national checkbook?

Looking at both sides of the spectrum, from the extreme of many laws to the opposite pole of no laws, and everywhere in-between, we see that laws are not the culprit. Let’s face it—we just can’t behave in a manner that always guarantees that we will have peace and tranquility, opportunity and freedom for everyone everywhere. It is the human spirit—our outlook—that prevents governments from succeeding. Our nature cannot be controlled by external rules, laws, statutes or any external code. The problem is within—and it must be dealt from within—the human mind and spirit.

True governance goes far beyond just teaching right and wrong and obedience to laws. On earth there is a kind of prototype community of humans who have responded to a personal calling to willingly internalize the laws of a future world order. They will assist the Messiah in the administration of a pure form of government unprecedented in human history, based on a few simple laws that define the only way for us to live that yields true happiness. That world-encompassing future government’s perfect supernatural leader is destined to overthrow every organized or disorganized form of state and governance and replace it with a government for the entire earth—universal government.

There is only one Being capable of understanding our human predicament by having lived among us. His name is Jesus Christ, and His followers on earth in this era are the Church of God—church in its biblical sense, meaning “called-out ones.” This Church is an international spiritual collective without borders, composed of humans called personally by God the Father to prepare by living His lifestyle among the community of the nations. They do this as shining examples of what internal, personal obedience to a perfect code, composed of 10 short commandments, can produce. Contrast this with 40,000 laws written on the musty pages of countless volumes sitting unread in innumerable law libraries.

The time is now to fully understand your destiny, to take hold of a future that is unimaginable and exhilarating beyond description. Start living this way of life and prepare to help others come to the understanding of a government that is out of the hands of imperfect mortal humans, that will affect the heart and spirit of us all and that is eternal. Truly, it will be a government that will never fail us.

For Life, Hope & Truth, I’m Britt Taylor.