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Who Is the Best Candidate?

Who is worthy to hold the highest leadership offices, such as president, prime minister or premier? Many aspire to the high office of leader of a nation and people, but what are the characteristics we should expect a true leader to exhibit?

Many aspire to these high positions; but in this modern age of image and personality cults, it is difficult to see through the smoke screen of spin and glamor surrounding candidates. It’s nearly impossible to get a true feel and sense of what a candidate is really like. How do they think? What values do they hold that would make us trust them to wisely direct a nation in a dangerous world?

When we hear polished speeches, carefully crafted by professional writers, how can we determine what is really in the heart of candidates? Who are they? What motivates them to lead?

Shouldn’t we know the answers to these essential questions before we entrust our future to any human? So what are the criteria that make a leader trustworthy? How about these to begin with: moral integrity, character and righteousness.

World history reveals that, yes, it does matter what a person does in his or her private life and, no, it cannot be divorced from the office that they hold. “Well, what does integrity, character and righteousness have to do with jobs and the economy?” some may say. “I don’t concern myself with his personal life as long as I see results.”

Is it that simple? Take moral integrity for example. Is it okay for a leader to murder? Of course not. What about lying? Are you okay with a leader who lies to the nation? Of course not! Morals are the rules any person uses to decide right and wrong. Some of the economic problems we are facing right now were caused by greedy people in high places coveting, lying and cheating. Personal immorality eventually creates serious problems for anyone in their sphere of influence! The moral integrity of a nation’s leader will certainly affect the choices he makes, taking his country down the road toward either prosperity or ruin!

Morals are rules of life, and those based on God’s 10 Commandments will never change or go out of style. Character, on the other hand, is knowing right from wrong and always choosing what is right. Shouldn’t we have leaders who demonstrate such character in their lives?

Finally, righteousness is the historical pattern of our personal choices based on the morals we live by and our character. Righteousness is following the high road, regardless of temptations.

True leaders possess all three characteristics, and they will be the same in private as they are in public.

Knowing this, does any leader today truly measure up to such high standards? A few such great leaders have indeed emerged in history, but only One mastered all three characteristics of leadership. His name is Jesus Christ.

Fortunately, Jesus isn’t looking for contributions, running political ads, employing speechwriters or hiring image consultants to try to curry our favor. He and His Father are patiently waiting for just the right moment when all of our efforts for self-government collapse in the cataclysm that will threaten humanity’s survival. The coming crisis of leadership among humans will end with His perfect government and leadership being installed.

Then we will truly see, for the first time, who is worthy to hold the highest leadership office in the world!

For Life, Hope & Truth, I’m Britton Taylor.