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The Gospel Truth About the True Gospel

Truth is something that can easily be questioned, especially in our day and age. That’s why after hearing someone say something, people often ask, “Really?” “Seriously?” or “Honest?” And it’s also why people seem to say, “Well, to be honest …” almost as if we don’t usually believe them.

I remember something someone used to say to me when he wanted to make sure, without a doubt, that I knew he was telling me the truth. He would say, “It’s the gospel truth!” Perhaps you’ve heard the same.

Today I’d like to ask a question, basically using the same words, but in a different order, about something that is very important to me and hopefully is to you too.

The question: What is the true gospel? Maybe that sounds like an odd question—everyone knows that, don’t they? Surprisingly, believe it or not, no. Many Christians today don’t know the gospel truth about the true gospel!

Do you? What would you say if you were asked to define the gospel? 

Now something may immediately come to mind, but where can we find out—without a shadow of a doubt—what the true gospel was and is?

Well, most likely that would be directly from the pages of your Bible or the Bible program you use to read the Word of God—where certainly we can find what Jesus Christ Himself said regarding it!

In Mark 1:14 we read, “Now after John was put in prison, Jesus came to Galilee, preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God.” “The Kingdom of God.”

Now we can find other words used in relationship to the gospel—but all of them are associated with the good news Jesus Christ Himself taught—the gospel of the Kingdom. Jesus Christ taught that it will be established here on the face of the earth when He returns—and He will return.

You may be interested in looking deeper into this very important subject in the Bible—first and foremost—and perhaps we can help you in doing so as you look at different sections of our website.

What is the true gospel? It is the gospel Jesus Christ taught—the gospel of the Kingdom of God. And that’s the gospel truth!

For Life, Hope & Truth, I’m David Evans.