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Spiritual Spam

Isn’t it amazing how much spam we receive each day? Fortunately most email providers have filters to remove spam before we even see it.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were also a kind of spiritual spam filter to remove false and misleading messages that come into our minds, before we were exposed to them? A wise man once said, “It is more difficult to unlearn false teachings than it is to learn the truth.”

If such a spiritual spam folder did exist, can you imagine what kind of messages you would find in it? The most prevalent spam would have the subject line “Want to Have Fun?” Now who doesn’t want to have fun? So you click on the message. As you read the message, you are tantalized by offerings of physical pleasure beyond imagination—if you just get rid of this hang-up about rules and commandments. It is an angry God, you’re told, who is withholding all this from you. “Ditch God,” the author boldly proclaims. “He is just holding you back!” Not a very subtle approach, so you delete this spiritual spam.

The next message, however, is more subtle. Its subject is “Achieving Lasting Success.” This message begins by planting seeds of doubt that there is anything beyond this physical life. It leads you down a seductive path that you are just an animal that has evolved. You are alone in the universe, and there are no moral absolutes. It is up to you to decide what is right and what is wrong. You can achieve success in life by pursuing things like wealth or fame without any external guidance.

While these two examples are fictitious, they are also very real. Every day we are bombarded by spiritual spam. The messages are filled with lies and falsehoods to trick us into making choices that have heart-breaking consequences. The author is a being known as Satan, who, with his army of spammers, called demons, fills our mental in-boxes with messages of wickedness, evil and godlessness.

What can we do to filter these messages and break the hold of this master spammer?

Fortunately, God has given humans the perfect spiritual filter. It is called the Holy Bible. By using this filter, you can learn to catch every kind of spiritual message you don’t want and shouldn’t be receiving. You see, God is the only Author of truth in the universe. And He has a message for you that has been buried in false religious spam for millennia. Its subject line is “The Kingdom of God—Come and Join Me.”

That message is right there in the pages of the Bible.

Haven’t seen it? Perhaps it’s time you got a new spiritual provider and started filtering the spiritual spam that overwhelms you each day while giving you the important messages from God. Study God’s Word. Learn of the amazing future you and every person who has ever lived can enjoy in the soon-coming Kingdom of God, which will be established right here on earth.

We would like to offer you the spiritual “tech support” to get you going. We offer you help—free of charge and without any obligation—through the many articles, blogs and booklets on the Life, Hope & Truth website. Please join us in learning the joy of God’s truth and start unlearning the deceit of spiritual spam.

For Life, Hope & Truth, I am Britton Taylor.