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Spiritual DNA

Since the discovery of the structure of DNA in 1953, the scientific community has gained a broad understanding of the miracle of life.

DNA, and its unique structure, contains the instructions on how all life, including human life, is built. From single-cell amoebas to the great blue whale, all life develops from the “blueprint” of life transmitted via DNA. But just like any building blueprints, DNA only conveys the instructions, the information, from the mind of the architect to the builder.

Now consider this: Information has several unique characteristics. It has no mass or physically measurable dimensions, and it is created only by intelligence. There is no such thing as spontaneous generation of intelligent information!

For example, right now the Internet is communicating information on this subject from my mind to your mind. I am using language to transmit my thoughts. My message, and the information it conveys, is independent of the Internet connection.

Our thoughts have no mass and are dimensionless, but they can be relayed mind to mind by the medium of the Internet.

Likewise, DNA is only the medium and not the message. DNA carries the message of the design plans from the Creator to the creation. Just as the Internet was invented by intelligent people, the existence of DNA proves there was an intelligence behind our existence. DNA is one of the most amazing aspects of the physical world. And it is evident, by the unique properties of DNA, that life had to be created by a Supreme Intelligence!

The Bible confirms this in the first chapter of the book of Genesis, where the Being known as God proclaims that He made everything in the universe, including the ability for life to reproduce itself. 

But why create a planet and stock it with life, if you have no purpose?

The discovery of the truth, which is more profound than the discovery of DNA, is that God has a reason for creating life. You could say, His plan is encoded in a kind of spiritual DNA, and it is delivered to us through the medium that we call His Word, the Bible.

The Creator has given humanity crucial instructions—information from His intelligence to ours. The message is one of incredible scope and depth, telling us how we might cross the boundary between mortality and immortality.

The spiritual creation God can bring to life in you will follow the spiritual genetic instructions to become a new life-form.

Isn’t it time for you to do a little spiritual DNA research in the pages of your Bible?

Isn’t it time to find out what kind of new creation God wants you to become?

For Life, Hope & Truth, I am Britton Taylor.