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Roe v. Wade Will Be Reversed!

Last week was the 41st anniversary of the Roe v. Wade ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States—a ruling that, at the time, allowed abortion in all nine months of pregnancy for any reason!

But—please know that the abortion law in this country will change. Roe v. Wade will be reversed!

Since that historic ruling in 1973, educated estimates are that 55 million unborn human lives have been taken in this country. It can truly be said that—in the United States—millions of people have become desensitized to the thought of abortion.

Yet recent Reuters and Gallup polls indicate that the tide has begun to turn in terms of support for abortion in the United States—especially among young adults. And some speculate that it is actually the technology that we have today that has begun to affect a growing number of young people! As a result, many now realize that taking the life inside the womb of its mother is simply wrong.

The improvement of ultrasound that enables one to see with clarity even the eyelashes and toenails of a developing human fetus (or the gruesome images that will pop up when one Googles the word abortion), no doubt, has a lot to do with why many young people are having doubts about the morality of abortion.

When we actually see the impact of the decision to abort a child, it seems we are more likely to realize just how wrong it might be! And, as far as the abortion debate is concerned, that is a good thing!

However, it is regrettable that, as human beings, we have to see and feel the destructive results of our decisions over time before we realize just how wrong they really are!

In the Bible God tells us that mankind as a whole will not see the error of our ways and the need to change and turn to our Creator until we have come just short of self-annihilation! Until mankind has seen and felt the sordid result of our choices, we won’t see the need to change and accept the way of life that God revealed to us.

A long view of man’s history proves this sobering fact to be true!

So, despite the troubled consciences of some, until they see the reality of what abortion really is, the practice of taking the lives of unborn children will likely continue—for now, anyway.

It will continue just like many of the other bad choices that mankind still makes, and the lifestyles and motives that are associated with them.

However, the abortion law that was upheld in 1973 by the Supreme Court of the United States will change nonetheless! It will change because all of the reasons and sad circumstances that have led people to even consider that abortion is the answer will change as well.

But the practice of taking the lives of unborn children is not the only thing that will come to an end. God’s Word reveals that in the future, a time will come when all of mankind will witness an incredible overhaul in the way that life is lived! A time when not only bad law will be reversed, but a time when God will restore our understanding of the purpose for human existence. A time when the confused values of mankind will be replaced.

In fact, the hope we receive by understanding these truths from God’s Word about life and its true purpose is what gives our website its name. 

For Life, Hope & Truth, I’m Doug Horchak.