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Life’s “Undo” Button

Have you ever needed to use the “undo” command to fix a mistake? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an undo function in life? We could undo something we said, undo watching something we should not have watched, or even undo the pull of a trigger. That’s just not an option, so what are we to do when we make a little or big mistake?

Too many times our human nature kicks in, and we go about blaming someone or something or even random circumstances for our making a mistake—when all along, we were responsible. It is so difficult to admit being or doing wrong. A famous comedian used to say, “The devil made me do it.” He was partly speaking truth—sometimes our actions are influenced by the spirit world. But no matter what the source was, we ultimately must come to grips with the fact that we acted—we did the deed. Once that realization happens, we can change the conduct that caused the offense. In “church speak” this is called repentance, but what does that word really mean?

In your Bible the word repentance is an archaic word that the King James Bible translators of 1611 used, based on the original Greek manuscripts. The word in Greek means “to think differently; to feel moral compunction.” It is what the Messiah said throughout His ministry when He literally challenged people to “think differently” because a new government, the Kingdom of God, was at hand. This change of mind, to start thinking like God thinks, leads to godly actions—behaving the way God wants us to behave! It is a kind of spiritual undo button that, if done with the proper attitude and outlook, causes real change to occur in our outlook and the way we live life. It can in no way literally undo the pull of a trigger, for example; those consequences are with us always. But going forward, as this new way of thinking takes hold, we consider our actions before we act.

In software the undo function is actuated by the programming that exists on your computer; but in life the undo function—repenting, thinking and behaving differently—is actuated by God’s Spirit. It can’t undo your mistake, but it can undo the path you were on and give you the direction and power to overcome a bad habit or evil actions. It can also begin to heal the wounds inflicted on your conscience by past acts and, in doing so, undo the heartache and trauma of wrong actions.

If you are struggling with life, if you feel like a victim of the world you live in, maybe it is time to consider a change in the way you think. When you do, you will need help. You will need moral and spiritual support available only from God. He is there to assist if your attitude and commitment are in line with His thinking. Explore His Word, begin reading the Bible and asking for His guidance, and please delve into the spiritual treasure-house in the pages of LifeHopeandTruth.com. We are here and committed to helping you make this important change of mind that will result in an inner peace you never imagined possible. You can undo the path you have chosen. Start today and begin to reap the benefits of a new God-centered life.

For Life, Hope & Truth, I am Britton Taylor.