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Is God Responsible for This World?

Is God responsible for everything that happens in the world? Many people, even theologians and religious leaders, believe that God directs virtually every event that takes place on earth!

However, because of the idea that “God is responsible for all that happens in the world,” many other people conclude that there may be no God at all! After all, why would God cause, or not prevent, many of the bad things that happen in life?

So, some questions are worth asking. For example:

  • Is God responsible for the centuries of war, violence and unrest around the globe?
  • Is God responsible for the millions of people who have suffered through bigotry, discrimination and slavery?
  • Is God responsible for the diseases and plagues that have been the scourge of mankind’s experience over thousands of years?
  • Is God responsible for the religious confusion on earth—the incredible disparity of beliefs and faiths that clash—religions that have themselves been the cause of even further bloodshed and violence?
  • If God really exists, how could He allow the suffering of so many over the centuries, including the genocide and murder of millions in World War II and the decades since?

Or—does God’s Word, the BIBLE, put the responsibility for what has happened to mankind back on man himself?

When you open the Bible and read it, that is exactly what Scripture reveals!

In the book of Genesis, we find God giving the first man and woman the optimum circumstances—the best possible chances to succeed!

He created Adam and Eve physically perfect, having a perfect environment to live in and having the perfect instructions on how to live! But even in these utopian conditions, the first man and woman chose another path. In other words, they didn’t want their father’s way of life and wanted to experiment for themselves.

In Genesis 3:22-24, we find that after mankind chose his own way and rejected his Creator’s direction and guidance, God “let them go,” as it were.

The result? Man without God has led to the 6,000 years of human history that we’ve come to know.

Some people may find this hard to believe—that virtually all of the major events through time have come about without the involvement of God! But that was our choice, not His! He just allowed for us to have that option.

When we consider the history of mankind—the ancient Babylonian and Assyrian empires; the Han and Ming dynasties of early China; the great powers of Greece and Rome; the countless wars and conflicts that have been fought; the long, dark periods of death and disease that plagued humanity through the millennia; and even our generation of amazing technology and innovation in the 21st century—all of this—the good, the bad and the ugly of history—has actually come about as a result of mankind “being on his own”!

However, God’s Word also tells us it’s not going to remain this way!

Man’s efforts to chart our own path without God—and the grief and confusion that has resulted—will come to an end soon.

An end that will transpire with God’s divine intervention. God will assume responsibility for what will be going on in the world from then on.

Most people are clueless to the true plan that GOD has for all of mankind—and the beautiful logic and fairness with which it will unfold.

While man may be responsible for the confusion and turmoil that we find down here on planet earth, it will be God that will ultimately “clean it up.”

It is God who will intervene and give all humanity the answers to life that we have been trying to figure out for ourselves.

Those answers are available now for those that choose to seek them out. That spiritual understanding that would have made life better for Adam and Eve and all of mankind ever since is available to you now in the pages of your Bible.

For Life, Hope & Truth, I’m Doug Horchak.