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How Do You Raise a King?

The eyes of the world have been turned toward London over the past several days, and we have now been rewarded with the first pictures of the newly named heir to the British throne.

Seeing those pictures of Prince William and Lady Catherine as they emerged from the hospital doorway tenderly holding their infant son, it would have been difficult not to smile. Catherine, like virtually every mother before her, was the picture of motherly love and devotion; and William looked as proud and happy as any father who ever walked the earth—even joking that his son already has more hair than he has. 

I could not help but think that, were it not for the hundreds of reporters and well-wishers surrounding them, they looked so much like any other young couple welcoming their firstborn into the world—excited, a little nervous, filled with hopes and dreams of the future they imagine as this miraculous new person grows toward maturity.

It’s hard to believe it was just over 31 years ago that it was Prince Charles and Lady Diana who were coming out the door cradling their firstborn son, William. They were filled with hope and expectation as well, but the three decades that have passed since that day were not exactly what they had imagined. Fifteen years later, at the age of 36, Diana was gone.

For many of you, seeing the young couple with their newborn son probably brought back memories of your own children and what it felt like to see for the first time those tiny faces looking back at you. If so, what do you know now that you wish you had known back then? If you had the opportunity to give one small piece of advice to William and Catherine, what would it be?

Being a parent teaches so many lessons that it would be hard to select just one thing, but I have a suggestion—in the seemingly endless string of 2 a.m. feedings, diapers to change, teething and all the other facets of caring for a young child, don’t lose sight of the fact that time passes far more quickly than we realize. One day it can seem that the future stretches limitlessly before us and that we have almost forever to enjoy our children and teach them the things we want them to know. But the busyness of life can quickly come crowding in. We tell ourselves we’ll do this or that just as soon as … . But before we know it, the opportunities have slipped away.

How many parents have had that lesson driven home when they suddenly realize their children are grown and leaving home and childhood is over?

By its nature, life has time limits, and there is only a certain amount of time to accomplish what is really important. Are you accomplishing what is important in your life, or are your greatest opportunities being consumed by the busyness of busyness? 

Does life have a purpose or are we just biochemical anomalies in a meaningless universe? 

The good news is that, yes, life has a purpose; and it’s far greater than most people have ever imagined. This web site—Life, Hope & Truth—is here to help you discover and fulfill that purpose and, at the same time, to learn more about the One who gives life its purpose. 

Life and time pass far more quickly than we realize. We hope you will invest your time in what really matters.

For Life, Hope & Truth, I’m David Johnson.