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God Is Pro-Choice

God is pro-choice! 

In my making such a claim, many people would react with shock or strong disagreement! The very thought that the great God—the Creator of the entire universe and of human life itself—would be “pro-choice” sounds outrageous.

Even the Bible, the revealed Word of God, clearly shows that GOD is “pro-choice”!

In making such a statement, I am certainly not claiming that God is okay with women choosing to have abortions—that He, as Creator, is somehow ambivalent to the taking of innocent lives of unborn children. God is clearly against such acts of violence against human life!

But what God is in favor of is the latitude and ability for man—you and me—to make choices, choices of what “we think” is right and what is wrong. Many people refer to this as free moral agency.

As a result, humans have been choosing to do, think and believe all kinds of things for thousands of years! 

We find in Genesis chapters 2 and 3 that, from the beginning, God gave instruction and guidance to Adam and Eve about “right and wrong,” about “how to live.” But He also made it clear that they had to make the choice to respond, the choice to obey and live by what they were taught from God or not.

God commanded Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil because, as He said, in the day they ate its fruit they would surely die.

This example represents God’s first clearly expressed will for man involving a moral choice—and it could not have been more clearly stated.

The outcome of this event was decided in a convergence of wills: Satan’s—who used his ploys to persuade humans—and Adam’s and Eve’s, who chose to allow their desire to be like God to override their knowledge of God’s instructions and pursue their own self-will.

We read later in that chapter that due to mankind’s choice to define “right and wrong” on his own, God withheld their access to eternal life by banning them from the tree of life. And, sadly, mankind has been fundamentally “on his own” ever since.

Giving man the ability to choose was a part of God’s plan that would ultimately involve all humanity that has ever lived!

Right now, today, we live a very confused and violent world—a world that is, in some ways, teetering on the brink of self-destruction. Yet that very condition exists because mankind has made his myriad choices for thousands of years!

One hundred fifty years ago, Abraham Lincoln made the statement “You cannot build character and courage by taking away man’s initiative and independence.” While Lincoln’s comments were made in the shadow of this country’s struggle with human rights and slavery in the 1800s, the point of building character because of one’s personal freedom to make choices is inescapable!

In God’s great plan, He is not creating robots. God reveals that He is, in fact, growing His own spiritual family—after “His own kind,” the God kind—a family that is being built, in many ways, on the choices that we human beings make, especially after God has revealed His will and way of life to us.

God wants you and me to make good choices. In so doing, He provides advice and spiritual instruction from His Word—the Bible.

Be thankful that God is pro-choice. Appreciate the ability you have to choose, and choose wisely. For in so doing, you’ll be able to reap a life of blessings and a future of eternity!

For Life, Hope & Truth, I’m Doug Horchak.