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Do Politics and Christianity Mix?

With so much rhetoric and dialogue being exchanged between political parties and the media these days—it can cause one to ponder the question: Do politics and Christianity mix?  

Can Christians engage themselves in the political system that campaigns for and then chooses our mayors, governors and presidents?

Can you be a Christian and a political activist?

That’s a good question. But one that I am not going to give a direct answer to.

What I will do, however, is give you a few additional questions to ask in your effort to answer the issue of whether Christianity and politics can really mix!

Here are five important questions—questions that I suggest you look to the Bible for answers!

Question No. 1: Is there a political party that is “more righteous” in the eyes of God? Whether in the United States or any other country—is there a “political party of choice” that God would have His people support and promote? Are there any scriptures or biblical principles that would speak to that question?

Question No. 2: Does God’s plan for mankind include the scenario of man actually fixing or solving his own problems here on earth? Does the Bible reveal that man can, if he votes the right person or party into office, solve the big problems facing our state, our country or the world in general?

Question No. 3: Does God’s Word indicate what is the real cause of our challenges and problems here on earth? Is it merely voting in the wrong political party or candidate—or human nature itself (regardless of party affiliation)? 

Question No. 4: Who would Jesus Christ vote for? Yes, I know—a very interesting question indeed! But—given the message and role that Christ plays in God’s overall plan for mankind and His desire for all of humanity to be reconciled to God—who (if anyone) would Jesus Christ actually vote for to lead your city, state or nation?

And Question No. 5: Whose example should we follow when it comes to a Christian’s involvement in the governments of man? Is there an example in the Bible regarding a Christian participating in man’s governments or politics that we can point to? And if so, is this an example that Christians should follow?

There is no doubt that God wants His people to be a light and example to the world. That God expects them to be law-abiding citizens that practice the way of give in their communities while supporting the moral teachings of the Bible. 

But whether or not God would want His people to be engaged in the politics of selecting leaders in our world is another question altogether.

But this I will tell you—God’s Word does give answers to all of these questions!

For Life, Hope & Truth, I’m Doug Horchak.