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Learning Center Reading & Writing Plans

Advanced Bible Reading Plan

This Bible Reading Program takes you to four sections of the Bible each day. Robert Murray McCheyne, an early 19th-century pastor and preacher in Scotland, created this well-known reading program. During this year, you will read the Old Testament once and the New Testament and Psalms twice.


Chronological Bible Reading Plan

This Chronological Bible Reading Program takes you through the Bible in an order that most closely follows the timeline in which the events took place, beginning with the earliest event—creation.


Genesis to Revelation Bible Reading Plan

This Genesis to Revelation Bible Reading Program gives you the opportunity to read the Bible from cover to cover, in the order in which the 66 books appear in most English Bibles.


2017 Bible Reading Plan

The Bible is God’s inspired Word, and we are blessed as we regularly study it. A good way to gain an overview of the Bible is to read every word.

This year’s Bible Reading Program weaves together seven different themes, one for each day of the week. Sunday takes us through the apostles’ letters to the New Testament Church. Monday’s and Tuesday’s tracks take us from creation through to the history of Israel and Judah. Mid-week we enjoy the richness of the Psalms and poetry of the Old Testament. Friday’s Sabbath preparation is reading the prophets. And the Sabbath track leads us through the Gospels and finishes with the book of Acts. At year-end we will have read the entire Bible.


Scripture Writing Challenge

Looking to build a daily habit of opening your Bible? Start by investing a few minutes every day to write out these scriptures! It takes less than 10 minutes to immerse yourself in God’s word and complete each day.

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