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Change Your Life

Do you want to see your life change, but wonder what to do? This e-book will help you identify the most important changes you can make, and it shows how these changes will make all the difference in your life! You really can experience the life God wants you to have—one full of meaning, satisfaction and joy!

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The Last Enemy: What Happens After Death?

This life is all too fleeting, and we naturally want there to be something more. But how can we really know what happens beyond the great gulf of death? Chances are you’ve never found a satisfactory or convincing answer. Is death a terrifying reality to be feared, or is there a hopeful, satisfying answer to what happens after death?

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The Sabbath: A Neglected Gift from God

In today’s stressful, nonstop, 24/7 world, couldn’t you use a breather—a chance to refocus on what’s truly important? From the beginning, God designed a day of rest and refreshment as a special blessing for humanity. He made this day—the seventh-day Sabbath—to be a memorial of creation and deliverance, a sign of obedience to God and a type of the coming rule of Jesus Christ on the earth. Jesus said He is Lord of the Sabbath and that it was made for humanity’s benefit. So why do so few Christians today observe the Sabbath? In this booklet, explore the fascinating biblical story of the Sabbath and how you can enjoy the wonderful benefits of this neglected gift from God.

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Why Does God Allow Evil and Suffering

If God is all powerful and all good, why doesn’t He stop every war, murder and tragedy? The Bible shows there is a time coming when He will. But why not now—and when will it be?

Download our audio book “Why Does God Allow Evil and Suffering?” today and learn what the Bible teaches about:

  • What is the real source of evil in the world?
  • Could God give us freedom of choice and still prevent all evil and suffering?
  • Why does God allow suffering in the lives of those who are trying to obey Him?
  • How can good come from adversity?
  • When will suffering end?

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God’s 10 Commandments: Still Relevant Today

Why is the world so violent? Why do half of Western marriages end in divorce and so many children live in single-parent families? What are so many overlooking? What is the missing key to living a happy and productive life? If you want true peace and happiness, acting on the biblical lessons in this booklet is vitally important to you!

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Mystery of the Kingdom

Searching for the Kingdom of God? Bible prophecy gives more space to the topic of the Kingdom of God than to any other subject. And yet, even with vast amounts of information available on the Internet, there seems to be so little accurate information available about the Kingdom of God. Why do people around the world know so little about it? The Bible says Jesus Christ came “preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God,” and still the majority of humanity has no knowledge of what it is, where it is or, for that matter, if they will be a part of it. How can we have so much information and yet so little insight?

This audio book—“The Mystery of the Kingdom”—helps cut through the confusion of conflicting ideas and provides understanding about the amazing truths of the coming Kingdom of God!

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