Discern - September/October 2015

September/October 2015

Cover Feature

Beyond Repair: 3 Things Too Broken for Us to Fix
Beyond Repair: 3 Things Too Broken for Us to Fix

In spite of our unquenchable optimism, the solution to our brokenness is out of reach. It’s going to take far more than elbow grease to fix the mess we’ve made.

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America’s Retreat
America’s Retreat

Why does the greatest superpower appear so weak and ineffectual to allies and enemies alike? Is there a connection between America’s morals and its morale?


Can You Really Prep for Doomsday?
Prophecy  Can You Really Prep for Doomsday?

Millions of people are feverishly preparing for the end of the world as we know it. Many of the fears are real. But is there a better way to prep for doomsday?

Best News Ever: Jesus Returns!
Prophecy  Best News Ever: Jesus Returns!

There is so much bad news today, good news can seem unbelievable or at least overblown. But the return of Jesus Christ is real—and it’s the best news ever!

Consistency of the Bible’s Internal Evidence
Bible  Is the Bible True? Proof 5: Consistency of the Bible’s Internal Evidence

Critics ask, “How can you believe a book that is filled with contradictions?” As a believer in the Bible, how would you answer that question?

Believe in the Gospel
Prophecy  Messiah’s Message: Believe in the Gospel

While preaching the gospel of the Kingdom of God, Jesus Christ encouraged people to “believe in the gospel.” What does this belief really entail?

4 Keys to Defeating Toxic Emotions
Change  4 Keys to Defeating Toxic Emotions

There is more to health than diet and exercise. Toxic emotions can be dangerous to your physical and spiritual well-being! How can you overcome toxic emotions?



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