Discern - November/December 2021

November/December 2021

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Dangers of Artificial Intelligence (illustration of a robot in a pose like The Thinker)
Dangers of Artificial Intelligence

It’s the stuff of science fiction, but some scientists foresee real danger as we create AI systems that exceed our own abilities. What is the future of humanity? Listen

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America’s Decline
America’s Decline

With the U.S. still reeling from domestic convulsions, its ignominious departure from Afghanistan has led allies to question if the American era is ending. Listen

End-Time World Problems: How Will They Be Solved?
End-Time World Problems: How Will They Be Solved?

Our world is facing a series of worsening problems. Can we solve these seemingly insurmountable problems? The Bible outlines the root causes and solutions! Listen


“All Things Work Together for Good” (Really?)
Life  “All Things Work Together for Good” (Really?)

Paul wrote that “all things work together for good” in Romans 8:28. But what does this wonderful promise mean—especially when bad things happen? Listen

“In Everything Give Thanks” (Really?)
Life  “In Everything Give Thanks” (Really?)

Paul wrote some inspiring and beautiful sentiments, such as, “In everything give thanks.” But is that literally realistic? Listen

Modern Marriage Lessons From Abraham and Sarah
Relationships  Modern Marriage Lessons From Abraham and Sarah

What does the Bible reveal about the marriage of Abraham and Sarah? What can we learn about Christian marriage from these pillars of faith? Listen

Christianity in Progress: Foibles, Fallibility and Humility
Life  Foibles, Fallibility and Humility

It’s easy to be wrong about God’s Word—but it’s not always easy to know we’re wrong. How should we approach our own potential for misunderstanding? Listen

What Can We Learn From Jesus’ Birth and Earliest Years?
God  What Can We Learn From Jesus’ Birth and Earliest Years?

The Gospels don’t say much about the first 30 years of Jesus’ life. But they give us a few details. What can we learn from Jesus’ birth and early childhood? Listen



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