Discern - November/December 2017

November/December 2017

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Jerusalem: A Paradox of Biblical Proportions
Jerusalem: A Paradox of Biblical Proportions

Jerusalem is ground zero for Bible history, end-time prophecy and a beautiful, peaceful future to come. Here’s what you need to know about the Holy City. Listen

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Does Europe Have a Future?
World InSight: Does Europe Have a Future?

Europe is facing mass migration, plunging birthrates and the grip of a cultural illness that is sapping its will to live. Will Europe survive? Listen


Will You Recognize the Antichrist?
Prophecy  Will You Recognize the Antichrist?

How to identify this nefarious person has remained a puzzling enigma for almost 2,000 years. What do the Scriptures actually say about this evil character? Listen

Longing for Home: The Life of a Sojourner
Prophecy  Longing for Home: The Life of a Sojourner

What does it mean to be a sojourner in this physical, temporary life—and why does it matter where we call home? Listen

What’s Wrong With the Prosperity Gospel?
Prophecy  What’s Wrong With the Prosperity Gospel?

God has made many promises, and He has our best interests in mind. But does that mean faithful Christians will always be healthy and wealthy in this life? Listen

Turning Adversities Into Blessings
Life  Turning Adversities Into Blessings

Sometimes what seems like a terrible blow or crushing defeat can be turned into a springboard for success in life. God can make our trials become blessings. Listen

How to Raise Contented Kids
Relationships  How to Raise Contented Kids

Help your children grow up to be thankful for what they have. Listen

The Roots and Fruits of New Year’s Eve
Life  The Roots and Fruits of New Year’s Eve

Some of the customs may seem crazy or quaint, but what are the real origins and results of the New Year’s holiday? Listen



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