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Discern - November/December 2016

November/December 2016

Cover Feature

Staying Warm in a Spiritually Cold World
Staying Warm in a Spiritually Cold World

In the last days, the Bible warns of times of stress that can turn people cold as ice. Consider four points to help keep your love from growing cold. Listen

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World InSight: Turkey: At the Crossroads of History
World InSight: Turkey: At the Crossroads of History

Straddling the Christian West and the Islamic Middle East, a resurgent Turkey has returned to the world stage. What’s next for this strategic nation? Listen


Consider This: The Gods of Uncertainty
Consider This: The Gods of Uncertainty

Science has changed our lives in positive ways. But if we place our faith in science alone, we will find ourselves serving a man-made god of uncertainty and doubt. Listen

The Birth of Jesus: Myths and Misperceptions
The Birth of Jesus: Myths and Misperceptions

Jesus Christ’s birth is often depicted in artwork, movies, storybooks and nativity scenes. But do these traditional images get the story right? Listen

By the Way: The OEA Museum
By the Way: The OEA Museum

Memento Park in Hungary sparked poignant thoughts about how future museums might display our world. Listen


How America Really Became Great
Prophecy  How America Really Became Great

American greatness has been an issue in the 2016 presidential election. But is America really great? And, if so, how did it really become great? Listen

The Decline and Rise of America
Prophecy  The Decline and Rise of America

What lies ahead for the United States? The Bible predicts both a decline and then a magnificent rise for the people of the most powerful nation on earth today. Listen

How to Deal with Fear and Stress
Life  How to Deal with Fear and Stress

Our world and our lives can seem perpetually on the brink of disaster. How can we survive the constant bombardment of anxiety, fear and stress? Listen

Commonplacing Religion, or How to Ruin the Bible!
Bible  Commonplacing Religion, or How to Ruin the Bible!

Commonplacing has been popular since the Middle Ages as a way to collect phrases and sayings. But what happens when we try to pick and choose our religious customs? Listen

Being Civil in an Uncivil World
Relationships  Being Civil in an Uncivil World

Society’s descent into vulgarity and harshness is a sign of troubles to come. What does this rudeness epidemic mean, and how does God want us to treat others? Listen



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