Discern - May/June 2020

May/June 2020

Cover Feature

Is Coronavirus an End-Time Plague?
Is Coronavirus an End-Time Plague?

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted our world and sown fear and panic. Is it one of the end-time plagues? When will humanity finally be rid of disease? Listen

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A House Divided Against Itself
A House Divided Against Itself

As polarization engulfs our nations, Jesus’ words take on new urgency: a “house divided against itself will not stand.” What does this mean for us? Listen


What Does Pentecost Mean?
Life  What Does Pentecost Mean?

Pentecost has special meaning for people of all nationalities and backgrounds. It marks the beginning of the Church, the gift of the Holy Spirit and more.

Ambassadors of Christ
Life  Ambassadors of Christ

God calls Christians to follow Christ and be lights to the world. We are to become ambassadors of Christ and His Kingdom. How should we represent God’s Kingdom? Listen

How to Help a Suicidal Friend
Relationships  How to Help a Suicidal Friend

Years ago, a close friend was extremely depressed and contemplating suicide. An experience we shared during his darkest time taught me a lesson about friendship. Listen

6 Biblical Ways to Disagree Without Being Disagreeable
Relationships  6 Biblical Ways to Disagree Without Being Disagreeable

Differing viewpoints often lead to arguments—but they don’t have to and shouldn’t. The Bible offers advice for how to disagree without being disagreeable. Listen

Is Your Name in the Book of Life?
Life  Is Your Name in the Book of Life?

The Bible has a lot to say about those who won’t be in the Book of Life or the Kingdom of God. Does that include you? And if it does, what can you do about it? Listen

Part 5: This Gospel Will Be Preached
Prophecy  Part 5: This Gospel Will Be Preached

Jesus prophesied in Matthew 24:14 that His Church will be preaching the gospel to the whole world in the end times. Is this prophecy being fulfilled today? Listen



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