Discern - March/April 2024

March/April 2024

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Photo of a stack of round flat bread on a wooden table to illustrate the article “I Am the Bread of Life.”
“I Am the Bread of Life”

When Jesus was asked to prove Himself with a sign like the manna God gave ancient Israel, He declared, “I am the bread of life.” What does that mean for us? Listen

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Illustration of a satellite involved in space war to represent the article
Space: The Final Frontier . . . for War

Space exploration was a “giant leap for mankind.” But now a new space race has become the crucial arena of a great power contest. How will this end? Listen


View from inside a tomb looking toward a round opening with the round stone door mostly rolled back. This illustrates the article
God  What Does the Resurrection of Jesus Teach Us?

Jesus’ resurrection is a vitally important aspect of Christianity. Unfortunately, many don’t understand these biblical teachings about the resurrection. Listen

Photo of a younger person helping an older person down the stairs, to illustrate the article
Life  5 Ways to Live Like Jesus in the Modern World

True Christians desire to live like Jesus Christ, but how do we apply His example to our modern situations? Consider these five specific ways. Listen

Illustration of a person stuck on a rock far out to sea, to represent the article
Change  What Must I Do to Be Saved?

The Philippian jailer had a unique experience. But his question is universal. What must we do to be saved? What does the Bible say about salvation? Listen

Photo of a jumble of letter cubes to illustrate the article
Life  Words to Live By?

The words we use to direct our life have a good or a bad impact on who we are. Consider some common motivational sayings compared with the words of God. Listen

Photo of a person reading a Bible to illustrate the article
Life  How to Prove All Things

Through the apostle Paul, God instructed us to “prove all things.” But what exactly does that mean, and how are we supposed to do it? Listen

Illustration representing a first century man whose hand was healed on the Sabbath to illustrate the article
God  Jesus Heals on the Sabbath: What Can We Learn?

Jesus was accused of Sabbath-breaking because He healed people on the Sabbath. Was this breaking the Sabbath? What can we learn from Jesus’ Sabbath healings? Listen



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