Discern - March/April 2021

March/April 2021

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How to Read the Bible
How to Read the Bible

The Bible is God’s Word, full of life-changing truths. But it’s of little value if we don’t use it. Here’s how to gain more from reading the Bible. Listen

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Abraham Accords
Abraham Accords

The stalemate in the Arab-Israeli peace process has been broken by a chain of peace declarations between ancient enemies. Where will the historic accords lead? Listen


“Sanctify Them by Your Truth”
Bible  “Sanctify Them by Your Truth”

Jesus prayed that His followers would be set apart by truth. Do Christians have a role in this sanctification process? What is sanctification? What is truth? Listen

What Christians Need to Understand About Mental Health
Relationships  What Christians Need to Understand About Mental Health

Poor mental health and mental illness can feel like a shameful, personal failing. Why? What is mental illness, and how should Christians view it? Listen

Citizens of Heaven Under Governments of Men—Three Principles to Live By
Life  Citizens of Heaven Under Governments of Men—Three Principles to Live By

Christians are to be in the world, but not of the world, balancing their primary allegiance to God with their secondary allegiance to their national government. Listen

“Not Willing That Any Should Perish”
Life  “Not Willing That Any Should Perish”

People struggle to find a clear answer to the question, “Is there hope for me?” Thankfully, there is hope. God says He is “not willing that any should perish.” Listen

The Sinner’s Prayer
God  The Sinner’s Prayer

What kind of prayer is the sinner’s prayer? Do you need to pray it? If so, where are examples of sinners’ prayers—prayers of repentance—found in the Bible? Listen

“Examine Yourselves”: What Does It Mean to Be Disqualified?
Life  “Examine Yourselves”: What Does It Mean to Be Disqualified?

Paul told Christians to examine themselves before the New Testament Passover. How should we interpret his warnings about disqualification and unworthiness? Listen

What Did Jesus Say About Money?
Relationships  What Did Jesus Say About Money?

Did Jesus have much to say on the topic of finances? What was Jesus’ teaching on money and possessions? Were any of His teachings on money controversial? Listen



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