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Discern - March/April 2016

March/April 2016

Cover Feature

The Greatest Sacrifice Ever
The Greatest Sacrifice Ever

Many martyrs have given their lives for something they believe in. But one sacrifice surpasses them all—that of our Creator. What was it for?

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An Apocalyptic CrISIS
An Apocalyptic CrISIS

ISIS strikes fear with its brand of vicious terror and apocalyptic fervor. What motivates the so-called Islamic State, and where will this all end?


Consider This: “I Shall Return”
Consider This: “I Shall Return”

Jesus Christ again left them with the same promise because He, too, still has unfinished business.

Jesus Christ Was “Father-Centered”—Are You?
Jesus Christ Was “Father-Centered”—Are You?

Though most of Christianity professes a belief in the Father, He is rarely focused on or talked about. What did Jesus Christ reveal about the Father?

A Gateway of Good and Evil
By the Way: A Gateway of Good and Evil

Our trip to Berlin gave us a glimpse into mankind’s tendency to careen between good and evil.


He Is Risen! Now What?
God  He Is Risen! Now What?

At this time of year, many focus on three famous words from the Gospels, but there’s so much more to the story. It’s a message of hope for all of us.

Does God Exist? Proof 3: The Origin of Life
God  Does God Exist? Proof 3: The Origin of Life

How did life originate? The God of the Bible says He created life. The scientific community searches for natural causes. What does the physical evidence suggest?

The Days They Changed but Could Not Kill
Life  The Days They Changed but Couldn’t Kill

Jesus and the early Church did things that would seem very odd today. How—and why—did people stop doing what Jesus did? And what should you do about it?

The Loneliness Epidemic
Relationships  The Loneliness Epidemic

Trends in our modern world are leaving more and more people feeling isolated and lonely. What can we do to help counteract this epidemic?

Five Foolish Things We Do to Foul Up Our Future
Bible  Five Foolish Things We Do to Foul Up Our Future

There are some human tendencies that create pitfalls on the path to our future. Here are five of the most common and dangerous ones.



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