Discern - July/August 2022

July/August 2022

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The Man of Sin and the Mark of the Beast
The Man of Sin and the Mark of the Beast

Bible prophecy tells us that an end-time system will require people to have a “mark” to conduct business. Do recent events suggest how this might occur? Listen

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Forgiving Someone Who Hurt You
Change  Forgiving Someone Who Hurt You

It’s not easy to forgive enemies. But what about when a fellow Christian hurts you? Or a friend or family member? What factors should you consider? Listen

When Life Gets Tough
Life  When Life Gets Tough

Difficult times come in many shapes and sizes. They can disorient, discourage and debilitate us. How can we keep moving forward on our Christian journey? Listen

How Our Personality Type Affects Our Christianity
Life  How Our Personality Type Affects Our Christianity

Does our personality type make us better or worse at fulfilling our role as a Christian? Are we developing our personality and character to resemble God’s? Listen

What Does the Bible Say About the Second and Third Resurrections?
Life  What Does the Bible Say About the Second and Third Resurrections?

How many resurrections are there in the Bible? Saying “the first resurrection” implies more. What’s the Bible say about the second and third resurrections? Listen

How to Guide Your Children Through a World You Don’t Understand
Relationships  How to Guide Your Children Through a World You Don’t Understand

The world is changing all the time. In just a few short decades, it can feel like a completely different place. How can you guide your children through it? Listen

How to Prepare for the End Times
Life  How to Prepare for the End Times

The Bible prophesies many destructive events in the end times. Is there anything we can do to prepare? As Christians, what should our priorities be? Listen

Why Was Jesus Tempted in the Wilderness?
God  Why Was Jesus Tempted in the Wilderness?

Before His ministry began, Jesus faced intense temptation by Satan in the wilderness. But why was He tempted? What was on the line? Listen



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