Discern - July/August 2019

July/August 2019

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10 Questions to Ask Before You Get Married
10 Questions to Ask Before You Get Married

Whether you have someone special in your life right now or not, here are 10 questions to consider when it comes to choosing your future spouse. Listen

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Big Data Meets Big Brother in China
Big Data Meets Big Brother in China

Repressive dictatorships around the globe today are fusing emerging digital technologies to model the massive “social credit” project emanating from Beijing. What are the prophetic implications of these coercive technologies that seek to quash dissent and change behavior? Listen


What You Need to Know About the Sexual Revolution
Discern  What You Need to Know About the Sexual Revolution

One of the big trends that has shaped our modern world is the sexual revolution. How is it impacting you, and what does God say about it? What did God intend, and how will He solve the problems this revolution has brought about? Listen

What Is Eschatology?
Prophecy  What Is Eschatology? (And Why Do You Need to Know?)

The study of events that will happen from now through the return of Christ and what will follow thereafter is vitally important. Why is learning about these end-time events so crucial for Christians? Listen

The Uniqueness of the Bible
Bible  The Uniqueness of the Bible

How is the Holy Bible different from other religious books? Do Christians need additional writings to augment their spiritual growth? Listen

Inhumanity: Are Evil People Animals?
Life  Inhumanity: Are Evil People Animals?

We are repulsed when we see barbaric acts of inhumanity committed against other human beings. But the sad truth is we all are capable of violence and evil. What is the solution to the wickedness in our hearts? Listen

When Our Creator Decides It Is Time
Life  “When Our Creator Decides It Is Time”

We’re suffering. Humanity is hurting. And no solution is in sight. Is it ever going to stop, and is there anything you can do? Listen



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