Discern - July/August 2018

July/August 2018

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The Divine Design of Family
The Divine Design of Family

Marriage and family didn’t just evolve, but today’s families definitely aren’t living up to what God designed. Understanding His plan can help us build better families now and prepare to take our place in His perfect, eternal family. Listen

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Europe’s Uncertain Future: Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel and Viktor Orbán
Europe’s Uncertain Future

Who will lead Europe? Recent elections vaulted leaders with radically different designs for guiding Europe to the forefront of the deeply divided continent. Which path will Europe follow? Listen


Adulting Milestones: The Success Sequence
Relationships  Adulting Milestones: The Success Sequence

Moving from our teens to adulthood can be daunting, with many life-altering decisions and responsibilities. Here is a sequence that can lead to success. Listen

A Foothold for the Devil
Change  A Foothold for the Devil

What’s wrong with being angry? There’s plenty in our lives and in the news to get upset about, but God’s Word is filled with warnings against letting our anger spiral out of control. Listen

Four Keys to Raising Resilient Kids
Relationships  Four Keys to Raising Resilient Kids

While you may not be able to completely shield your kids from pain and hardship, there are steps you can take to help them face difficulties with a can-do mind-set. Listen

The Curious Conundrum of Curiosity
Life  The Curious Conundrum of Curiosity

It’s curious how curiosity can bring out the best and worst in us. How can we cultivate the benefits and avoid the pitfalls? Listen

Heart, Soul and Mind: Three Components in Loving God
Bible  Heart, Soul and Mind: Three Components in Loving God

Does it make any difference how we worship God? Is how we feel about our relationship with Him all that matters? Listen

What It Really Means to Be Saved: Saved From What?
Change  What It Really Means to Be Saved: Saved From What?

Most Christians consider themselves to be saved. But have you ever stopped to consider what that really means? The Bible teaches that you absolutely need to be saved—but saved from what? Listen



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