Discern - January/February 2024

January/February 2024

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Photo of a girl looking through a magnifying glass at the camera, to illustrate the article Why We Need Spiritual Discernment Now More Than Ever
Why We Need Spiritual Discernment Now More Than Ever

Our world is filled with schemes, scams and deceptions of almost every variety imaginable. Spiritual misinformation also runs rampant. What can we do? Listen

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Illustration of a megaphone to accompany the article America: Exporting Radical Social Ideologies to the World
America: Exporting Radical Social Ideologies to the World

Radical social and political ideologies are spreading from the United States and separating it from allies, while emboldening rivals. Where will this lead? Listen


Illustration of a person shining a light toward the stars to accompany the article Three Rational Proofs God Exists
God  Three Rational Proofs God Exists

Can a rational, intelligent person believe in God? Or is the better question, “How can a rational, intelligent person not believe in God?” Listen

Photo illustration of a light shining down from the sky on a person to accompany the article Are Aliens Real?
Life  Are Aliens Real?

Recent U.S. intelligence reports have brought renewed attention to the prospect of alien life. Is the earth being visited by extraterrestrials? Listen

Photo of a magnifying glass leaning against a Bible to illustrate the article The Greatest Mystery of the Bible
Life  The Greatest Mystery of the Bible

Jesus spoke of “the mystery of the kingdom of God.” Paul also wrote about the mysteries of God. What are these mysteries, and what do they mean for us? Listen

Photo of people sitting in a field facing the sun to illustrate the article Is the Law of Attraction Biblical?
Change  Is the Law of Attraction Biblical?

The idea of the law of attraction can be found in both New Age and self-help literature. But does this so-called law align with the truth of the Bible?  Listen

Illustration of a burning bridge to accompany the article How to Correct Others Without Burning Your Bridges.
Life  How to Correct Others Without Burning Your Bridges

Sometimes we feel an urgent need to tell people what they did wrong. Sometimes we shy away from sharing helpful correction. What should a Christian do? Listen

Photo of a hand grabbing wheat grains in a field to illustrate the article Did Jesus Keep the Sabbath Day?
God  Did Jesus Keep the Sabbath Day?

Some say Jesus didn’t affirm the Sabbath command. Is that true? Did Jesus observe the Sabbath? If so, is His example relevant to Christians today?  Listen



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