Discern - January/February 2018

January/February 2018

Cover Feature

Turning Points
Turning Points: Crises and Choices That Can Change Your Life

Sometimes life throws turning points at us. Other times we must create them. Either way, our choices shape the people we become. Who will you be this year and beyond? Listen

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China’s Dream Xi and Trump
World InSight: China’s Dream

With an increasingly ambitious foreign policy and a leader newly infused with unprecedented power, China aims to restore its historical dominance in Asia and beyond. The global implications of this vision are immense. Listen


Hidden in Plain Sight: The Festivals Jesus Celebrated
Life  Hidden in Plain Sight: The Festivals Jesus Celebrated

Which days will you celebrate this year? Few give this any consideration, but you should. Some little-known holy days can help unlock benefits God wants to give you! Listen

Why “Good Without God” Isn’t Good Enough
Change  Why “Good Without God” Isn’t Good Enough

How we define words like good and evil or right and wrong will define how we live our lives. How can we arrive at a definition that works? Listen

How to Spot a Counterfeit Church (Rolex and counterfeit)
Change  How to Spot a Counterfeit Church

The Church Jesus started will never die out. But can all the churches that claim His name—with all their different teachings—really all be right? How can you find the right one? Listen

What NOT to Say When Someone Is Suffering
Relationships  What NOT to Say When Someone Is Suffering

Knowing what to say and not say to someone who is facing trials can be challenging. These practical tips can help. Listen

Christianity Made Simple
Change  Christianity Made Simple

Traditions and human ideas have complicated the true simplicity of following Jesus Christ. There can be real power in the simple. Listen

Did Jesus Eat Pork?
Bible  Did Jesus Eat Pork?

The biblical dietary laws are mostly ignored today. But were there reasons for God calling certain animals unclean? Did Jesus eat pork and shellfish? Listen



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