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Discern - January/February 2017

January/February 2017

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Knowing God: A Preview
Knowing God: A Preview

“Knowing God” is the first of four seven-day Journeys designed to walk you through some of the Bible’s most important truths, culminating in God’s incredible plan for the entire human race. Here is a sneak peek. Listen

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​Europe: Fear of an Immigrant Crime Wave Sparks Backlash
​Europe: Fear of an Immigrant Crime Wave Sparks Backlash

Violent crime has increased in parts of Europe in the wake of mass immigration from the Middle East and Africa. Will the European backlash continue to grow? Listen


Consider This: The Most Important Journey of Our Lives
Consider This: The Most Important Journey of Our Lives

Where are you going? Not just on your next road trip, but in life? Listen

Should You Pray to Mary?
Should You Pray to Mary?

The largest denomination of Christendom teaches its members to pray to Mary as a mediatrix. But does Jesus Christ want us to pray to His physical mother? Listen

By the Way: ​Escaping Gustave
By the Way: ​Escaping Gustave

The danger lurking in the Ruzizi River is an apt metaphor for an even more deadly foe we all face. Listen


Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?
God  Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?

Jesus Christ may be the most famous person in history, but how many of the ideas about Him are true? How many people would recognize the real Jesus Christ? Listen

2017: The Year in Preview
Discern  2017: The Year in Preview

What does 2017 hold in store for us—for you? What events will dominate the news in the year to come, and how might they affect you? Listen

Understanding the Olivet Prophecy
Prophecy  Understanding the Olivet Prophecy

On the Mount of Olives Jesus answered His disciples’ questions about the temple and end-time events. His prophecy remains a vital message for today. Listen

Why the Surge in Infectious Diseases?
Prophecy  Why the Surge in Infectious Diseases?

Why is the world facing epidemic after epidemic of new and reemerging infectious diseases? What are we doing wrong, and how will the ultimate healing come? Listen

Three Don’ts Before You Say I Do
Relationships  Three Don’ts Before You Say “I Do”

You’ve fallen in love, and you’ve begun planning a beautiful wedding! You pick a date, choose invitations, order the cake. … You’re ready to walk down the aisle—or are you? Listen



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