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Discern - January/February 2016

January/February 2016

Cover Feature

Why Were You Born?
Why Were You Born?

How would you answer someone asking, “Does my life have any meaning, any purpose?” Maybe you’ve asked that! Can we find satisfying answers to these questions?

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Russian Bear Returns to the Middle East
Russian Bear Returns to the Middle East

As American influence fades, Russian strongman Vladimir Putin has become the vital key to Middle East stability. Will a revived Russia bring peace?


Comforting the Afflicted, Afflicting the Comfortable
Comforting the Afflicted, Afflicting the Comfortable

The answers have always been there, in God’s Word. The solutions afflict us, though, because we don’t want anyone, even God, telling us what to do. Listen

Call No Man Father
Call No Man Father

Many Christians use “father” as a title for their religious leaders. What did Jesus mean when He said to call no man father in Matthew 23:9?

My Name Is Ozymandias
My Name Is Ozymandias

His ancient monument lies in ruin, but he is remembered in ironic verse. What can he teach us?


Christian Priorities: Putting God First
Change  Christian Priorities: Putting God First

Establishing the correct priorities in our lives is vital for our success as Christians.

The Busyness Trap
Life  The Busyness Trap

Are you frazzled by nonstop activities and never-ending pressures? Why is everyone so busy today? What can we do to reorient our lives to deal with busyness?

Does God Exist? Proof 2: Design of the Universe
God  Does God Exist? Proof 2: Design of the Universe

The more we discover about our universe, the more we see the hand of design rather than randomness. And design implies a Designer.

Is God on the Wrong Side of History?
Prophecy  Is God on the Wrong Side of History?

Believing that God’s views are outdated, citizens of Western nations are making sweeping changes to long-held traditions and standards found in the Bible. How did this cultural clash begin? How will it end?

The Secret to Facing Your Giants
Change  The Secret to Facing Your Giants

The towering giants of the Bible may be ancient history, but God’s people today are required to do battle with a far more fearsome breed of giant.



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