Discern - January/February 2014

January/February 2014

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Neither Shall They Learn War Anymore
Neither Shall They Learn War Anymore

This phrase reflects a universal longing. But our world is addicted to ever more deadly war. How will the promise of peace really be fulfilled?

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How World Peace Will Come
Prophecy  How World Peace Will Come

Given the cruel, debilitating effects of war, man has often longed for peace. The Bible explains why it has been so elusive and how world peace will come.

Why Am I Suffering
Life  Why Am I Suffering?

Why doesn’t God protect us from all the troubles we face? Doesn’t He care? Or could it be that He allows us to suffer to serve a vital purpose in our lives?

Seven Keys to Better Relationships
Relationships  Seven Keys to Better Relationships

Why do some relationships sour and end? What principles can we glean from the Bible to preserve or heal our relationships with family and friends?

Change Your Life This Year
Change  Change Your Life This Year

What kind of year will this year be for you? Will it be the same as or worse than last year? Or will you make breakthrough changes that will transform your life for the better? You can choose—and receive—the help you need!

Bible Software: Tools to Maximize Your Study
Bible  Bible Software: Tools to Maximize Your Study

What can Bible software do that I can’t already do? Why bother learning to use new software? Bible software can be worth the time—and some of it is free!

Can You Handle the Truth
Bible  Can You Handle the Truth?

“You can’t handle the truth!” is more than a line from a movie. Too many say they want the truth, but then ignore it. Can you handle the truth God reveals?



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