People of
The Bible

Lessons We Learn From Their Lives

In this section, you will find lively biographies of the heroic and not-so-heroic people mentioned throughout the pages of the Bible. Review questions and activities are provided. Written with the parent of elementary and middle schoolers in mind, but also valuable for children (and adults!) of all ages.


Lessons We Learn From Their Lives

The examples of individuals recorded in the pages of the Bible can teach us valuable lessons about life. God often worked with ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things. Learn how our biographical studies are organized and get tips on how to guide your family in Bible study.

Abigail the Peacemaker

During a dangerously tense moment between her brash and foolish husband, Nabal, and the anointed King of Israel, David, Abigail spoke and acted with wisdom and respect. She bravely forged a path of peace and saved hundreds of lives. Learn how God rewarded her.

Abraham and the Amazing Promises

Because of his profound faith and obedience, Abraham was offered some astonishing promises from God. It took patience, but Abraham learned that God keeps His promises. Read this inspiring account about how God makes the impossible possible.

Aquila and Priscilla, Steadfast Servants

Just who were Aquila and Priscilla and who did they impact by their examples? Learn more about this dedicated couple who befriended the apostle Paul and served the early Church so diligently.

Barnabas, Man of Encouragement

During the trials, persecutions, and growing pains of the early New Testament Church, the apostle Barnabas was there to uplift and motivate others. Be inspired by this story of generosity, humility, and faith.

Daniel, Man of Prayer

In a foreign land with pagan gods and under the authority a foreign king, Daniel remained faithful to the one, true God. He continued to pray to and worship God even under the threat of death. Review his story and the astonishing way in which God delivered him.

David, a Youth Whose Heart Pleased God

In this story of absolute faith and trust, the young David had the courage to face the giant Goliath in battle. Be reminded of this inspiring story of how God works out seemingly impossible events in people’s lives and how the heart of an individual is more important than the appearance.

Elijah, the Drought & the Widow

When God proclaimed a drought on Israel, the prophet Elijah was sent to deliver the message to King Ahab. How would God protect and provide for His servant during such uncertain times?

Esau and Jacob: The Hungry Belly and a Birthright

Relive the classic story of two very different brothers and how the eldest lost his birthright with some very expensive soup. See how a sibling rivalry that began in the womb brought about a change in family events.

Esther, a Courageous Queen

A young Jewish woman is chosen as the next Queen of Persia. Learn about her courageous and wise approach to this position of honor and how she saved her people from an evil enemy who wished them harm.

The Good Neighbor

Is the parable of the Good Samaritan just a nice story about helping someone in need? What does being neighborly and loving our neighbor actually entail? Find answers to these questions and more to ponder in our lesson.

Isaac Takes a Wife: God’s Promises Continue

The promises given to Abraham are passed on to his son Isaac. Review this beautiful story of faith and trust in God as Abraham’s servant, led by God, arranges the marriage of Isaac and Rebekah.

The Israelites, Manna, and an Important Lesson

This Bible story recounts the miracle of manna that God offered the Israelites during their wilderness wandering and the unique handling instructions it required for the Sabbath. Discover how the Israelites learned a valuable lesson about listening.

John the Baptist

He was a preacher, a prophet, a priest, and a martyr. Learn more about the extraordinary man John the Baptist and what his very special purpose was.

The Little Maid From Israel, a Leper, and a Miracle

Imagine being abducted at a young age, taken to a foreign land away from everything familiar, and placed as a servant in a wealthy household. Learn about the courageous faith of a young girl and a miracle performed through God’s servant Elisha.

Martha, Mary, and That Good Part: Putting First Things First

Two sisters, two perspectives. When the Son of God visits their household, Mary sits at His feet to listen to His teachings, but Martha becomes so distracted with serving that she misses a valuable opportunity. Learn about priorities with this lesson.


One of the most famous rulers in history had some lessons to learn! The bragging king of Babylon would become a beast before he would change his attitude to beautiful humility.

The Philistines and the Golden Tumors

A gift of five gold rats and five gold tumors? What were the Philistines thinking? In this lesson about holiness, learn more about what happened in Philistia when the Ark of the Covenant was captured.

Simeon, a Patient Waiter

God has a work for us all to do, no matter our age or phase of life. The elderly Simeon was given a unique blessing and task to complete before his death: see the Messiah as a baby and speak a special prophecy. He waited patiently and accomplished his task with dignity and gratitude.

Timothy, a Boy Who Grew Up to Serve God

Learn about the childhood of the young man Timothy who later served as a minister of the early Church. Educated in the Scriptures from a young age by his mother and grandmother, Timothy became a devoted helper of the apostle Paul.