Striving Toward Perfection

In this section, you will find study material relevant to establishing a godly family culture in our modern society. Be encouraged and motivated as you read through these thought-provoking studies! Written for the parent or studious teen.  


A Type of God’s Family

God has a purpose in creating humans, and our families can help reflect that. Be reminded of just why we as parents should be diligently learning God’s way, living God’s way, teaching God’s way.

Teaching Our Children

What does teaching our children about God look like on a daily basis and when should we begin? Learn about different learning styles and why we should be actively engaged in the spiritual training of our children.

Studying & Praying Together

Teach your children to establish and maintain a relationship with God through regular Bible study and prayer. Learn practical tips on how to lead family Bible studies and how to engage your children in daily prayers.

Continuing Education

How is your continuing education going in becoming more like Jesus Christ? Learn about biblical literacy, ideas to enhance your family’s spiritual education, and why a continuous education in the Scriptures is so important.

A Lasting Legacy

Are you building a legacy to pass on to your children? Learn how to plan for the ultimate inheritance.

Children: A Blessing

Contrary to what can be depicted in our modern culture, children are meant to be a blessing and not a burden. Learn about specific blessings we experience and other spiritual lessons we can glean from having children in our lives.