Putting God's Word in Your Heart

In this section, you will find a selection of scriptures to memorize using specifically tailored memory techniques. If you haven’t yet begun introducing memory scriptures to your children, you can also find methods here on how to begin that process and why it’s important. Written with the parent of preschool and school-age children in mind.


Memorizing Scripture

Why memorize scriptures? Learn why etching God’s words in our hearts and in those of our children is so much more important than merely learning by rote. Read about how to get started in educating your children and build your own memory scripture plan.  


The Bible is the textbook and etching its scriptures into the hearts and minds of your children is the teaching directive. Just how do you go about doing this? Try any of these 12 different methods, including group participation options that would be perfect for your next Sabbath school class.

Which Scriptures?

​Just where do you begin with memory scriptures? Choose from these 21 verses about God, His Word, and His instructions to get started. Creative interactions are included to help engage your children and reinforce the meaning of the scriptures.