Fundamental #2

What Are Angels?

Fundamental #2

Memory Scriptures 

For He shall give His angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways. —Psalm 91:11

So the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was cast to the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. —Revelation 12:9


Summary Statement 

Angels are sprit beings, created by God. There are millions of angels. They have different positions of authority (jobs), and there are various kinds that look different—some even have four faces!

The righteous angels, who are faithful to God, serve Him and are sent to watch over us and protect us according to His will and purpose. Some serve God at His very throne in heaven, and some sing praises to Him. The Bible tells us that of the millions of angels, two are named Michael and Gabriel, and they have very high rank. The Bible also tells us that we are to worship God, not angels.

One other high-ranking angel named Lucifer grew prideful and decided to rebel against God. He convinced one-third of all the angels to follow him. Rebelling against God changed them from angels to demons. Lucifer himself became Satan the devil, the enemy of God and all people. He is sometimes described as a dragon or serpent in the Bible. Satan is the source of all lying and hates people. Satan likes to influence people to do and think bad things, and this is partly why there is great suffering in the world.


Fundamentals Bible Study Journal
Begin your study

Read the memory scriptures together with your children, then read through the summary statement (remember to simplify the statement, if necessary). Have your children cut and paste the summary statement from this page in their “Fundamentals Bible Study Journal” (as suggested in the Memorizing Scripture resource “The Fundamentals”).

Next have your child write the first memory scripture, Psalm 91:11, in his or her journal. Remind your child about Fundamental #1: Who Is God? and how you talked about how God is the Creator. God created angels too. Ask your children what they think it means that God’s angels have “charge over you.” Talk to your children about how as parents you have “charge over” them, how at school the teacher has “charge over” them, and how while at camp the counselors have “charge over” them. Tell them, God has given the angels the responsibility to have “charge over you” by watching over you and helping to protect you.

Some angels decided not to follow God. The leader of these angels is called Satan. Have your child read and then write in the journal the second memory scripture, Revelation 12:9. When Satan decided to rebel against God, some angels chose to follow him. God cast them all to the earth.

light and darkness angel poster activity
Create two posters for this Fundamental’s memory scriptures. On a light piece of poster board or construction paper, have your child write out Psalm 91:11. On the second poster, have your child write out Revelation 12:9. Then have your child color the background a dark color. These two posters can be used to illustrate the difference between the angels who chose God’s way of light versus the angels who chose to follow Satan’s way of darkness.

Digging Deeper Interaction #1

Not only do angels watch over and protect us, they also have the job of ministering—or serving—all of humanity. Ask your child, Why is serving others so important to God?

Serving is a way to show love (remember how you talked about how “God is love” in Fundamental #1?). God loves us and He wants us to show love to others. We too can be an example of “ministering,” or serving.

Brainstorm with your child ways that you could serve others. Choose one or two examples to do this week. You could even use your list of service opportunities to serve as a family throughout the year!

boy cooking meal with mother to serve elderly woman

Some service opportunities may include:

Writing cards to those who cannot attend church services in person (or create a list to send everyone in the congregation a card throughout the week or month).

Preparing a meal to deliver to someone going through a
difficult time.

Sending a package to someone in need.

Serving drinks at a church potluck, or helping with cleanup after the potluck is over.

Spending time with a senior citizen at church to get to know them.

Preparing a “pass it on” gift bag (you put a gift inside for a person and then they use the bag to give a gift to someone else).


light and darkness angel poster activity
Digging Deeper Interaction #2

Use the two scripture posters to create a compare-and-contrast chart on bad things in this world (because of Satan’s influence) and good things God has given us. Depending on the age of your child, have them draw pictures, print photos, cut out photos from magazines or newspapers, or write a list for both categories. Point out with your child how God’s way leads to joy and life while Satan’s way leads to sadness and destruction.


Bible Story: Elisha and the Chariots of Fire

Have your child review the memory scripture Psalm 91:11. Tell your child that today you are going to read a story in the Bible about Elisha that shows a time when God used His angels to protect. Then read 2 Kings 6:8-17.

Discuss how even though we cannot always see the angels, they are there and are sent to protect you and to minister (serve) you. (See Hebrews 1:14).


Bonus Ideas

There are several dramatic scriptures in the Bible that provide examples of this Fundamental. Each time you cover this series, challenge your children (and yourself!) to find another example in the Bible and add it to their “Fundamentals Bible Study Journal.”

Find more ideas on how to serve others in the Shepherding the Heart study “Serving.”

Wrap-up Activity

Have your child choose a place in the house to display the scripture posters.

To end your study, have your child recite the memory scripture for a small audience, perhaps for a homeschool group or at the start of Sabbath school.

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