Guided Discussion: Movies, TV, Music, and Video Games

A guided discussion on the topic of movies, tv, music, and video games

Guided Discussion: Movies, TV, Music, and Video Games


“What are some of your favorite movies, TV shows, video games, and songs? Why?”

Prompts if no response: Provide some of your favorites, and list some of theirs you know they like.

Discussion question 1:

What are some forms of entertainment that God is probably pleased with?

Prompts if no response: Movies with an encouraging or inspiring story or message; TV shows with clean comedy that makes us laugh; video games that challenge our mind with puzzles and new learning; beautiful music that gets us moving for exercise or relaxes us.

Discussion question 2:

What are some forms of entertainment that God is probably displeased with?

Prompts if no response: Profanity and dark, depressing words in music; cruelty, extra violence, or immodesty in movies or video games; TV shows that make something evil look good, such as realistic depictions of the occult or “black magic” or immorality); turning entertainment into an idol.

Discussion question 3:

God tells us not to look at wicked or worthless things. Why would God want us to be careful about what we watch or listen to?

Prompts if no response: Seeing lots of fake violence might make us insensitive to real-life violence; listening to lots of profanity might make us start saying it ourselves; spending too much time entertaining ourselves might make us less likely to connect with our friends and family or get depressed.

Hypothetical 1:

What would you think or say if you heard this: “Movies, TV, video games, and music are evil.”

Prompts if no response: Evil entertainment is evil; we have to be picky, yes, but not all entertainment is the same.

Hypothetical 2:

What would you say if you were told: “Come on! It’s just a ________ (song/movie/tv show/video game). It can’t hurt you. It’s not like you are really doing something wrong.”

Prompts if no response: I don’t want that in my mind; that is purposefully trying to make evil look good, and good look evil; it is a waste of time when I could be doing something productive.



What are some alternatives to isolated screen time or entertainment just for yourself?”

Prompts if no response: calling a friend on the phone, going for a walk with the family….


Scriptures for more study or reference

Psalm 101:3; Psalm 119:37; Isaiah 5:20; 2 Corinthians 10:15; Philippians 4:8; Proverbs 4:23; Matthew 5:21-22; 2 Timothy 2:22

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