Guided Discussion: Physical Health

A guided discussion on the topic of physical health

Guided Discussion: Physical Health


“What are some habits that are healthy for our bodies?”

Prompts if no response: Eat nutritious foods God created to be healthy for us, get regular exercise, get enough sleep, talk through stressful situations, and connect with our friends and family.

Discussion question 1:

List some unhealthy habits and what they can do to our bodies and brains.

Prompts if no response: Eating a lot of junk food (we feel depressed, cranky, and unhealthy); not getting enough sleep (we make poor decisions and feel disoriented); isolating ourselves (we lose touch with loved ones, forget how to act around other people); sitting and watching TV or playing video games for hours each day (we feel depressed, unwilling to help others with physical tasks).

Discussion question 2:

The Bible refers to the body as a temple of the Holy Spirit. What does this mean about how we should think about our bodies?

Prompts if no response: Don’t damage or destroy what God has given us; gratitude for physical health and don’t take it for granted. God created so many healthy plants and clean meats to eat for our bodies to stay healthy.

Discussion question 3:

How can healthy physical habits help us have better spiritual habits too?

Prompts if no response: Regular exercise helps us feel happier, less stressed, and improves blood flow to the brain; eating healthy food gives us better energy and mood to deal with stressful things that come up in our lives; getting enough sleep helps us be aware of dangers and feel better able to discern if something is right or wrong in a situation (no brain fog); fellowshipping and socially connecting with others helps us love them and helps us look beyond just ourselves.

Hypothetical 1 & 2:

What would you think or say if you heard this: “Well, the spiritual is more important than the physical, so I’ll just do that,” or “Praying and Bible study are the only habits I need.”

Prompts if no response: Healthy physical habits directly relate to how our brain is functioning, and that is the organ that makes all our spiritual decisions; prayer and study that are filled with brain fog, crankiness, anxiety, and fatigue will not be as helpful as they could be. 



What are some physical health habits I can set up and start today?

Prompts if no response: Get extra sleep each night, exercise longer each day or more each week, make smarter food choices each day, spend more time with friends instead of playing alone.


Scriptures for more study or reference

1 Timothy 4:8; Daniel 1:5-16; Genesis 1:29; 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

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