Guided Discussion: Halloween

A guided discussion on the topic of Halloween

Guided Discussion: Halloween


“I saw ________ [give example of Halloween advertising or imagery you saw] this week. Has anyone else seen any commercials or run into any advertising for Halloween at school or on TV?”

Prompts if no response: “When I was young, they had ________ around Halloween” or discuss typical Halloween pranks, such as egging houses.

Discussion Question 1:

What are some negative aspects of how people celebrate Halloween?

Prompts if no response: Trick or treating (begging or vandalizing), dressing up as murderers or demons, celebrating scary stories where people are harmed or do bad things, and honoring ghosts, aliens, and witchcraft.

Discussion Question 2:

Why don’t we celebrate Halloween in the church?

Prompts if no response: A holiday more suited to honoring Satan than anything godly; darkness and fear being celebrated and enjoyed; etc.

Discussion Question 3:

Idolatry breaks two of the 10 Commandments, and it is mentioned several times in the Bible as an abomination to God. Let’s try to list all the pagan origins and idolatry associated with Halloween.

Prompts if no response: Pagan festival of Samhain, all Hallows Eve mixed with All Saints’ Day, dressing up in costumes to confuse the spirits that are out and about, threatening harm if treats are not provided, etc.

Hypothetical 1:

What would you think or say if you heard this: “Halloween is harmless fun. It’s not like we are actually worshipping Satan.”

Prompts if no response: Then why are so many people dressed up as demons or devils? I don’t think God likes making scary things like ghosts and murderers seem good. Who likes this more, God or Satan? The main focus of Halloween is on things that are evil or immoral. Since God hates evil and immorality, do you think God would approve of us taking part in this day?

Hypothetical 2:

What would you say if you were asked, “What are you going to be for Halloween?”

Prompts if no response: “What I’ve always said is ________ [provide an example],” or discuss pros and cons of different responses.



In what ways can Halloween affect you, even if you are trying not to celebrate it?

Prompts if no response: Catchy songs getting into our minds, partaking in forms of Halloween entertainment at that time of year, Halloween parties at school, feeling left out when everyone else may be wearing a costume (which is fun to do).


Scriptures for more study or reference

Romans 13:23; Ephesians 5:11; Deuteronomy 12:31; Isaiah 5:20

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