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The Bible God Speaking to Us

The Bible is God’s written instruction manual for how humans can have a better life now and enjoy life with Him forever.

The Holy Bible claims to be inspired by the Creator God—and it gives us tests we can use to prove that the Bible is true.

The Bible reveals what God knows is best for us.

Millions of people are searching for tips and secrets that will reduce their suffering and increase their happiness in life.

If something goes wrong with our cell phone or computer, we might go online looking for an expert or a user’s guide that can help us solve the problem.

Wouldn’t it be helpful to have access to an expert or an instruction manual for the human life? Where can we find a guide that helps us troubleshoot our problems and prepare for success and happiness?

The Holy Bible claims to be such a guidebook.

Is the Bible relevant today?

The Bible was written thousands of years ago, but it claims to have a message for today. It also gives insights into the future and offers us help to prepare for that future.

You’ll find today’s human relations problems paralleled in the Bible. Thankfully, the Bible also outlines the cure. It tells us tried and proven methods for avoiding and fixing the common pitfalls of the human condition.

See more about what God has to tell us in His wonderful Bible in this section.

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