Learning how to meditate


After Moses’ death, the LORD told Joshua to meditate on God’s Word day and night (Joshua 1:8). Many Psalms tell us to meditate on God’s work Psalm 77:12 , precepts Psalm 119:15 , and statutes Psalm 119:48 . In Philippians 4:8 , Paul tells us to meditate on eight different characteristics. 

But what is meditation? Why is it important? And how do we do it? 

To meditate is to think deeply or carefully about something ( We think about what the words mean and how they apply to us.

Meditation helps us in many ways. First, it puts God’s Word into our minds. Second, it helps us to better understand what God’s Word says. Third, thinking about God’s word helps us to remember it better. Fourth, meditation helps us to make decisions that make God happy.

To meditate is to think deeply or carefully about something.

Now that we know what meditation is and why it is important, how do we do it?

Find a quiet place

Make sure you’re not around games, television, computers, and cell phones.

Say a prayer

Thank God for the ability to read or listen to His Word. Ask Him to help you understand it and apply it every day.

Pick a scripture

Choose a verse you want to understand better. Let’s try (Exodus 20:12): “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the LORD your God is giving you.”

Ask questions about the verse

What does honor mean? 

What does it look and sound like when we honor our father and mother?

Is it hard to honor our father and mother sometimes?

When it is hard to honor our parents, should we dishonor them?

How can we stop ourselves from dishonoring our parents?

When should we honor our parents?

Why does God tell us to honor our parents?

How can we best honor our parents?

Where do we need to improve in honoring our parents?

Why is honoring our parents called “the first commandment with a promise” in Ephesians 6:1-3 ?

Remember, you are pleasing God when you honor your parents!

For some of us, it can be helpful to write down our questions and answers. Some of us find drawing a helpful way to learn. For others, it helps to talk through our questions and answers with someone who also studies the Bible. No matter which way works best for you, include your family in your learning! Dad, mom, grandpa, grandma, uncle, or aunt,, your family will be overjoyed to help you understand God’s word!

Apply what you have learned

Take a few more minutes to think about what you want to do differently and what you want to do more. Set a goal for yourself to apply what you have learned. One goal might be saying “Yes, Dad” in a respectful tone of voice when he asks you to do something you don’t want to do. Remember, you are pleasing God when you honor your parents!

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