Guided Discussion: The Sabbath

A guided discussion on the topic of the Sabbath

Guided Discussion: The Sabbath


What are some of your favorite things about the Sabbath?

(Prompts if no response: Family traditions, EEI games, Friday night dinners, extra rest, quiet time, etc.)


Discussion question 1:

Why do you think most professing Christians break the Sabbath?

(Prompts if no response: They think Christ’s sacrifice did away with the Sabbath. They call it a burden because they can’t work or have regular entertainment on it. They think that is only for the Jews. That’s all they’ve been taught. And so forth.)


Discussion question 2:

Why do we in the Church keep the Sabbath day?

(Prompts if no response: It is the Fourth Commandment. God created it for all humanity and sanctified it at the beginning of creation. Breaking the Sabbath has led to significant consequences in the past and present. We follow God’s example in resting. It foreshadows the rest that will come in the Kingdom. And so forth.)


Discussion question 3:

What are some idolatrous or pagan associations with having Sunday as a day of rest and worship, rather than what God commanded for the seventh-day Sabbath?

(Prompts if no response: Sunday was the “venerable day of the sun”—a special day in the worship of the god Mithras and the Egyptian god Ra. And so forth.)


Hypothetical 1:

What would you think or say back if you heard this: “I keep the Sabbath when I go to church on Sunday. Jesus Christ changed it to Sunday after He was resurrected”?

(Prompts if no response: The Sabbath has been Saturday since the first week of creation. Christ never said anything about changing the Sabbath to Sunday. The true Sabbath includes rest from work and regular entertainment for 24 hours. One of the reasons it was changed was antisemitism. And so forth.)


Hypothetical 2:

What would you say back if someone said: “The Sabbath is just for Jewish people”?

(Prompts if no response: Christ said He was Lord of the Sabbath and kept the Sabbath. Paul preached on the Sabbath. The Sabbath is listed as God’s feast. God calls the Sabbath and holy days, “My feasts,” not “the Jews’ feasts.” And so forth.)



What actions might be pleasing or displeasing to God on the Sabbath? Why?

(Prompts if no response: Pleasing to God—watching shows or documentaries about God’s creation or Bible stories, spending time with family, etc. Displeasing to God—going to parties, watching movies, inappropriate music choices, etc.)


Scriptures for more study or reference

Genesis 2:2-3; Leviticus 23:1-3; Isaiah 58:13-14; Mark 2:27-28

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