Guided Discussion: The Feast of Trumpets

A guided discussion on the topic of the Feast of Trumpets

Guided Discussion: The Feast of Trumpets


What are some things you know about the Feast of Trumpets, both in the Old and New Testaments?

Prompts if no response: Memorial of blowing of trumpets; different trumpets for different reasons in Israel; the trumpets announcing the Day of the Lord and the Return of Christ; the first resurrection happens on the seventh trump; Jewish people call it Rosh Hashanah and say it is their new year, because it’s the day the Jewish people use to calculate the other holy days during the year (Molad of Tishri), etc.

Discussion Question 1:

Why do you think most professing Christians don’t keep the Feast of Trumpets?

Prompts if no response: They think it is only for Jewish people, they believe in going to heaven and not the resurrection, and many people don’t believe Jesus Christ is coming back or that He even needs to.

Discussion Question 2:

What is really encouraging about the meaning of the Feast of Trumpets?

Prompts if no response: Jesus Christ will make things right; people will no longer be allowed to do terrible things to one another; a second exodus will occur where descendants of God’s people will come back after being in captivity; the Kingdom of God and Millennium will begin; etc.

Discussion Question 3:

Why does the world we live in need Christ to return?

Prompts if no response: Ignorance or anger toward God’s beneficial and righteous way of life; war, diseases, starvation, poverty, racism, the strong taking advantage of the weak, the rich not caring for the poor, unwise and selfish leadership, etc.

Hypothetical 1: 

What would you think or say if you heard this: “My relative is in heaven, not waiting for a resurrection or a trumpet.”

Prompts if no response: The Bible consistently describes a resurrection of the dead, not going to heaven, when someone dies. Why would Revelation keep saying that Christ is coming quickly if He doesn’t need to come back, if everyone is going to heaven anyway?

Hypothetical 2:

What would you say if you were asked, “Isn’t Rosh Hashanah a Jewish festival?”

Prompts if no response: The Jewish people do not celebrate the Christian fulfillment of the holy day, which is the return of Jesus Christ and the first resurrection.



The Bible says many people will try to attack Jesus Christ when He returns. Why would they do that?

Prompts if no response: They are institutionalized by Satan’s world and deceived into thinking Christ is there to harm them or take away their freedoms; they’re scared and confused by what the other trumpets and seals did to the earth; they don’t want to be told how to live or what to do.


Scriptures for more study or reference

Leviticus 23; 2 Peter 3:4; Revelation 11:15-19; Revelation 21:4; 1 Corinthians 15:12-19; Revelation 11:15; 1 Corinthians 15:52

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