Guided Discussion: Easter

A guided discussion on the topic of Easter

Guided Discussion: Easter


“I saw ____ [give example of Easter advertising or imagery you saw] this week. Has anyone else seen anything about Easter at school or seen any commercials for Easter on TV?”

(Prompts if no response: “When I was young, they had____” or discuss candy eggs, hot cross buns, etc.)


Discussion question 1: 

Lying breaks the 10th Commandment, and it is mentioned several times in the Bible as being an abomination to God. What outright lies are associated with Easter?

(Prompts if no response: Rabbits do not lay eggs. Christ was not killed on a Friday and resurrected on a Sunday because that is not three days and three nights. And so forth.)


Discussion question 2:

Why do we not celebrate Easter in the Church?

(Prompts if no response: It’s pagan worship/idolatry. It misunderstands Christ’s resurrection. We celebrate Passover and the Days of Unleavened Bread from the Bible instead. And so forth.)


Discussion question 3:

Idolatry breaks two of the 10 Commandments, and it is mentioned several times in the Bible as being an abomination to God. What pagan origins and idolatry are linked with Easter?

(Prompts if no response: The worship of the pagan god Ishtar/Astarte/Easter, fertility worship with the bunny and egg, worship of cross symbol, bright pastel spring colors worshipping nature’s renewal, etc.)


Hypothetical 1:

What would you think or say back if you heard this: “I celebrate Lent, Palm Sunday, Ash Wednesday, all the way through Easter; it’s very holy. I don’t care about the bunnies and eggs”?

(Prompts if no response: God gives specific instructions on the proper way to worship Him. Deuteronomy 12:31-32  specifically commands us not to worship God the ways the pagans did.)


Hypothetical 2: 

What would you say back if you were asked: “What are your plans for Easter?”

(Prompts if no response: “What I’ve always said is ___” or discuss pros and cons of different responses.)



What might make Easter even more offensive to God than some other man-made holidays?

(Prompts if no response: It changes and twists one of His festivals (Passover), completely ignores another (Days of Unleavened Bread), and misrepresents Christ’s resurrection to billions of people.)


Scriptures for more study or reference 

Deuteronomy 12:29-32; Matthew 12:40; 1 Kings 12:28-33; Acts 12:4

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