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Prophecy What Lies Ahead for You and Your World?

It’s been amazingly accurate before, so maybe we ought to find out what the Bible says about events yet on the horizon! Prophecy—tomorrow’s news today!

Prophecy was delivered by prophets who wrote what God had revealed to them.

Many of the prophecies recorded in the Bible have already come to pass. Many more remain to be fulfilled at the end of this present age, before Christ’s return to earth and after. As we study this important part of Scripture, we need to keep in mind several important principles:

  • The prophets of the Bible wrote as they were inspired to do so by God. In other words, no prophecy in the Bible came from any individual writer’s personal ideas, but rather by God’s direct inspiration.
  • Fulfilled prophecy gives us confidence that God is real and that He will fulfill what He has said about the future. Since prophecies of world-ruling empires and even the name of a specific ruler long before his birth have all come to pass, we know the rest of the Bible’s prophecies will likewise come to pass.
  • Prophecy motivates us to have faith in God that is demonstrated by obedience to His laws. Because so many judgments are coming upon peoples and nations because of disobedience to God’s law, we discover that a proper understanding of God’s grace will inspire us to live godly lives.

Learn more by reading about the significance of prophecy; specific prophets, both true and false (including Jesus Christ and Nostradamus); the end times; the book of Revelation, including the mark of the beast and the mysterious 666; the Millennium; the Kingdom of God; and prophecies of nations and regions, including the Middle East, the United States, Europe and Russia.

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